Brigg 298 Barvell

  • T-BRIGG298
  • Brigg 298 Barvell

Fabric: A heavy cotton twill base material (4.7 oz. per yard), coated with a specially formulated PVC (10.9 oz. per yard) for a total weight of 15.6 oz. per yard. The PVC coating is specially designed to resist oils and to maintain flexibility in extremely cold temperatures.

Applications: Food processing, Commercial Fishing.

Features: Attached hood, raglan sleeves, retro reflective stripes.

A traditional Scandinavian fishing garment, the Barvell is a tube-shaped apron that has no front or back. It is popular in summer months and warm climates because it offers maximum air flow. Unlike other aprons, it will not blow about in a strong wind. It is also very popular for food processing.

Sizes: M L XL 2X 3X